Medicare in 2018

Monday, November 20, 2017 12:53 PM

We need to clarify our medicare status for 2018: Nothing has changed for what we accept for 2018.

Cigna-Healthspring helped us communicate our insurance status for 2018, and unfortunately caused some major confusion in the process.  The letter was to address Medicare Advantage plans only, and Medicare itself had to approve the letter going out.  After lawyers and Medicare had a hold of the letter, it made little sense when it went out.  

First some background.  We chose to work with Cigna-Healthspring as our only Medicare Advantage plan accepted years ago after dealing with all of the major Medicare Advantage plans.  They are by far the easiest to work with as far as providing quality care, preventive care, and they have always been approachable in getting patients what they need.  I cannot say this about any other insurance company that I’ve ever had to work with.  I do complain about all the paperwork involved, but the bottom line is folks get better care under this plan than any other insurance plan. If other plans advance this far we’ll look at them again, but for now this is the only Medicare Advantage plan we take. 

We do still take Traditional Medicare with secondaries, nothing has changed on this side. 

We do still take most commercial insurance, nothing has changed here either. 

I am very sorry for any confusion this may have caused.