Cough, Cold, Sinus

Saturday, January 14, 2017 10:05 PM

How to treat your illness based on color of your mucous.   If only this was a real thing.  Unfortunately somewhere in time it was thought that the color of your mucous was an indication of the need for antibiotics, but that is proven to be far from the truth.  It’s very risky in todays world to use antibiotics when not necessary due to the numerous comlications: Clostridium Difficile diarrhea, Multi-drug resistant organisms, ER visits from allergies or significant side effects, yeast infections, and even more complications.  Here is a compilation of the science and recommendations for colds.  This is a frequent source of debate with folks with colds, but the research, science, and overwhelming results from trial after trial is that antibiotics do more harm than good for colds no matter how inconvenient they may be.  There is certainly a time and a place for the use of antibiotics but it requires a careful examination each time. 

 Handout: How to treat based on color of mucous